GBS is a global design and engineering company for innovation and providing solutions for the digital world.

Design and Engineering Team with over 10 years of experience aims to meet a marketplace needs by offering innovative products, process and services.

How it all started

  • Bloomed out of times of relaxation, a group of technologists and enthusiasts decided to think and act to launch a platform to bring in innovative technologies and intuitive ideas for helping the digital world.
  • Starting with Product as Cloud based Solutions and by increasing the functionality we reached the current stage of Plus Products.
  • Bootstrapped from the beginning, we have been growing steadily with a mission to become the ‘best in class’ Global IT Company.

Where we are now

  • With constant incorporation of feedbacks from clients, the application has been enriched with customers as the main focus. Our Core team of developers work week in week out to improve functionality and launch brand new features that make our product an ideal investment.

Why GBS?

  • We care about your business. With our passion for technology and transparent approach, we provide practical, cost-effective and reliable services and products.
  • Commitment to Quality standards and best practices in every assignment.
  • With our track record of successful projects for different industries, we have acquired the knowledge and competence that is imperative to be domain experts.
  • Cross platform web and mobile applications expertise and experience in verticals such as Freight Management, HRMS, Payroll, Insurance, and Resource management, our team of experts can provide inputs to propel your business forward.


Our Vision

  • To become the 'best in class' Global IT Company to deliver the best Products, quality solutions and support to our clients.
  • Product Trend setter by incorporating the latest technologies.
  • Focus on People, Process, Technology and Business Domain for efficiency
  • Innovation taking into consideration the market demands and improvement of client business.


  • We aim to set the trend in product improvements rather than follow the standards set by others. We hope to set trends by incorporating the latest developments in the cyber world to find solutions for the clients’ changing business needs.
  • We are striving hard for the improvement of People, Process, Technology and Business Domain which are the four major areas that contribute to the ultimate success of our Product.
  • We monitor the latest developments in the above areas to improve our competence.


We devote a large percentage of our time into research and development. Our software employs the most advanced technology to keep our customers ahead of the competition. Our solutions are vast and can grow more with the needs of our customers. We collaborate with our clients and other professionals within their domains to bring the best solutions into the field.